How To Clean Cabinets Before Painting – Ace Hardware

Watch as Annie, Ace’s Paint Expert, shows you how to clean your cabinets before painting them.

Products Featured:

Krud Kutter

Roughed Sponge

Hey Annie here Aces paint expert before You paint your kitchen you need to clean It thoroughly you have no idea all the Grease and grime that's in a kitchen That you can't see so let me show you All the tips and some products to help You out the first thing we need to do is Empty all the kitchen cabinets when you Have boxes make sure you label them so You know where everything is I like using a wet dry vac to vacuum out These cabinets because just in case There might be like a nail or a screw And that junk drawer and I don't want it Ruining your vacuum I personally love crud cutter all you Need is this one bottle and it cuts the Grease and the oil from Kitchen super Fast we're gonna start by spraying the Kitchen cabinet box See look how dirty it is and this is a Closed cabinet The dirtiest part of your kitchen is Going to be above your microwave or Stove you're going to have to make sure You use a lot of the crud cutter and Really use some elbow grease to make Sure it's clean Foreign [Music] Thing about a drawer you just pull it Out Cleaning these cabinets and making sure It's perfect will give you the best

Paint job [Music] The cleaning process is almost done when The paper towel is nearly clean I recommend picking up some of these Gloves to help save your hands cleaning Is done and crud cutter worked awesome The next step is some prep work masking And Taping that video is coming up next Thank you

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