Best Small Flashlight To Date! The Thrunite Archer Mini

New: Dewalt’s DCF610S2 Screwdriver Kit

Dewalt’s new DCF610S2 screwdriver is making a hearty splash among power tool users and tool lovers all over the country. With a few new perks and a handsome new design, find out why everyone likes the new guy.

Identifying Drill Bits

If you’re one of those people that come close to freaking out when faced with needing to decide what kind of drill bit to use for your project, you’re not alone! Many people have a hard time with this and it’s quite understandable.

Rust Repair Cost – The Truth

Corrosion is the process of disintegration of the atomic component of any iron or steel material. Rust is the general term we use to describe the result of corrosion. Rust forms when iron and oxygen react with water or moisture and iron with the absence of oxygen is exposed to chlorine, salt, or any other harmful chemicals and substances.

In Review: Dewalt’s DCD710S2 Drill Driver Kit

With a handsome combination of new and innovative features and classic Dewalt charm, this drill driver kit, released from Dewalt in October 2010, is expected to make a pretty decided impact within the tool community. Find out why this compact, cordless, 12v release is so quickly gaining popularity.

Reconditioned Tools – A Great Alternative to New Tools!

Do you have some work you need to do around the house but don’t have the tools to get it done? Let me help you find some reconditioned tools!

Staircases and Ladders: Secrets to Building Them Safely

Whether it’s a loft, attic, or rooftop, there are times when you need a ladder of some kind but don’t have one. Although these situations can be frustrating to say the least, the solution is within your grasp!

How to Choose Cordless Screwdriver

The cordless screwdriver is also known as the electric screwdriver, a great tool for working with wood, concrete and metals. A cordless screwdriver is compact and convenient to use anywhere. There are some main characteristics for you to think about when choosing a cordless screwdriver.

Don’t Let Your Hobby Kill You! Protect Yourself and Enjoy Your Retirement

Health and Safety legislation helps keep employees safe, but home workers and hobbyists are often totally unaware of the risks they are exposing themselves too. This article will open your eyes and help you see how you might protect yourself.

Hand Saws – Various Types of Hand Saws

Hand saws are basically used for metal cutting and wood working. Their different models are available in the market today. This article will help you know their widely used alternatives.

Tall Step Ladders – Rising Up At Home

Lets face it, not everyone is tall. For those of us that aren’t reaching things high up are difficult and it can be a challenge to get things down, put things up or do any kind of work or cleaning that may be above our reach while standing on the ground. This is why every short person needs nice, tall step ladders…

Where To Buy Your General Woodworking Machinery And Equipment Cheap

If you’re getting started with woodworking, eventually you will need to get general woodworking machinery that will help you with your craft. Actually all levels of woodworkers are using machinery including lathes, routers, grinders, mills and sanders, and all woodworkers know just how expensive these machines can get. And sadly you can’t just have one equipment doing all, you really need to invest in a couple of them to make the most of your woodworking craft.

What Is Iron Oxide?

Iron oxide is the chemical name for the scourge of all metals, namely, rust. Rust forms when metals, such as iron or steel, are constantly exposed to a humid environment. So rust forms in the presence of water and air. Rust is produced when iron or steel reacts with oxygen in the presence of water.

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