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Holiday Ladder Safety

The holidays are here and the ladders are coming out of hiding. Enjoy tips on safe ladder usage and how to maintain the one you own.

Choosing the Right Type of Mower For Your Property

There are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing used turf equipment. Landscaping and grounds keeping are incredibly demanding industries that require reliable equipment and precision work. There are more elements at work than just cutting grass.

Care and Protection of Homlite Chainsaw Parts

If you want to ensure that your Homlite chainsaw parts last for many years to come then it is important that you take care of it properly. There are certain parts of this piece of garden equipment that will need to be inspected on a regular basis and in some cases before and after each time it is used. Below we take a look at what parts of the Homlite chainsaw need to be regularly inspected and why.

Disc Sander Buying Guide – What Are the Best Brands Available on the Market?

Disc sanders are bench-mounted power tools consisting of replaceable circular shaped sandpaper attached to the wheel and when spun provides finishing ends to grain and angled edges. Disc sanders have been around for years, and its purpose has never changed – used to grind and smooth surfaces of woods and plastics.

What Are the Best Brands Belt Sanders Available on the Market?

A belt sander is a power tool used to sand wood and other materials. It consists of a belt that runs in a circular way driven by a motor much like a running belt of a treadmill. Belt sanders are primarily used in the initial rough sanding process as they are able to remove considerable amount of materials quickly. For a smoother finish, you will be an orbital or palm grip sander. Some of the most trusted brands of power sander tool out there are Makita, Porter Cable, Grizzly, and Ryobi.

Great Choices From Dewalt Tools

Dewalt is a company that specializes in providing tools for infrastructure and woodworks companies. It was founded by Raymond E. Dewalt in Texas way back in 1924. He is also the inventor of the radial arm saw, a device that is used to cut through wood with the use of its circular saw which is connected to a horizontal arm. The company grew quickly and became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the radial arm saw and many other woodworking machines and tools like drills, saws and sanders. As of the moment, the headquarters of Dewalt Tools is in Baltimore, Maryland.

Maintaining Your Lawn Mower Through Time

After the invention of the lawn mower, more people have turned grass cutting into a hobby. This is because it is just so easy to do. You just have to push the mower across your yard and it will do its job fast.

The Benefits of a Fiberglass Step Ladder

Everyone likes to use a fiberglass step ladder day in and day out installing commercial doors and hardware. For any application up to eight feet, this is the ideal fiberglass ladder. A reason why the fiberglass is better than aluminum ladders is fiberglass does not conduct electricity.

Band Sand Saws and Wood Turners Help For Wood Shop

Wood turners are lathes and can be used for a number of projects when working in a wood shop. Some of the things that they are known for are creating shapes that can be creative and work well. A band saw can help the wood workman to be able to produce the wood that is the right shape and size for the wood lathe.

How to Choose the Right Plunge-Cut Saw

Plunge cut saws are a must-have for any serious carpenter. When a project calls for cutting a straight line, pairing a quality plunge cut saw with a guide rail will get you excellent results. There are three key factors to consider when selecting your plunge saw: quality, power, and safety.

Stihl Chainsaw – Electric Or Petrol – Both Have Advantages

If you have a large garden in which there are several trees you may require a chainsaw to help keep them in good condition. When you do purchase such a piece of equipment it is vital that you buy a model that is going to do the job it is tasked for. Today Stihl Chainsaw parts are some of the best available and can tackle any task place before them.

Incorporate Your Property With Architectural Ironmongery

Architectural ironmongery have been utilized from hundreds of years ago and up to now it continuously grow. Getting your house incorporated with ironmongery products adds value and integrity to your property. It may sounds expensive but it is all worth the pay.

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