Straight Up – The OLIGHT Marauder Mini Flashlight Review

John Deere Snow Blower – Pick Between Single and Dual Stroke Engine Models

When shopping for snow blowers from John Deere you will have to pick from either the single or twin stage models. The single stage snow blower has a rotating wheel that is shaped like a drum and this is referred to as an augur that helps in cutting the snow and then lifting it so that it can be thrown into the machine’s chute. Some single stage models of the snow blower from John Deere can clear paths of up to twenty inches while the double stage models can clear snow from two feet to a little under three feet.

Why You Need a Cordless Drill

One of the handiest tools you’ll ever purchase is a cordless drill. It might not be the most glamorous tool in your arsenal, but you’ll be amazed at how much time and frustration you’ll save.

How to Buy the Best Nailer

A workshop is not complete unless you have a nailer. No matter whether you are a home DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesman, through having the best tools you will be able to work more efficiently and quickly. Today there is a wealth of different options when it comes to brands and models, you will need to be sure that you buy the right option for the jobs you have in mind.

How to Pick the Best Nailer

A workshop is not complete without a nailer. Whether you are a part-time home DIY enthusiast or an expert tradesperson, by having a good nail gun you will be able to do your jobs faster and with more efficiency. Now there are a diverse range of options in nail guns, you should take the time to ensure you choose the right model for the tasks that are lined up.

Electric Power Washer – Some Unusual Uses

Are you aware of some alternative uses for an electric power washer? Read this article and you can find out.

Ladders – How to Use Them Safely

Everybody needs to use a ladder at some point, even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Sometimes a short one like a step ladder will do in reaching a light fixture just out of reach. Other times, it’s an extension ladder maybe outside reaching the second story of a home. I will in that position last summer when I needed to wash off some mildew on the siding of my home. I had to learn in a hurry how to use a ladder safely. Either that or better off paying someone else to do the job for me. Here are some rules for using a extension ladder so that no one gets hurt.

Measuring Wheels Explained

You may be familiar with tape measures, but what about measuring wheels? Have you seen them before? Some people don’t know what measuring wheels are, let alone how to use them or what they are used for in the first place.

Chippers, Shredders, and Mulchers

Find some information about chippers shredders and chipper mulchers. Why are they useful, which types are there on the market and many other things.

Options For the Use of a Manual Log Splitter

A caution should be made first, however, that one not be tempted by the convenience. Many people have become ill by using old fence posts or boards from demolished houses.

Are You Considering a Pressure Washer?

Power washers are a very effective tool for cleaning dirt and grime quickly off surfaces. They operate by forcing water or steam through a small diameter nozzle connected to a wand or hose. The typical garden forces water at approximately 40 pounds per square inch psi, a power pressure washer depending on size and can stream water at 800-8000 pounds per square inch. The water flow rate is another important factor in gauging the effectiveness of the power washer this is generally met measured in gallons per minute, or GPM.

Cordless Leaf Blower

Working around the house, in the backyard, front lawn or the garden can be exhausting. But technology helps us by inventing and modifying tools for this kind of chore. One of these appliances is the leaf blower. It has been around tool sheds for quite a while now, but now the best kind is a cordless leaf blower.

A Look at the Benefits of a Maglite LED Conversion

Although Maglite have only just decided to use LED technology in their flashlights, it has in fact been around for some time. In fact LED lighting was first used back in the 1960’s and has proved very beneficial since then. However, rather than spending money replacing your old Maglite you can instead save money by purchasing one of the Maglite LED conversion kits instead.

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