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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to make pulled pork on a charcoal kettle grill. This is a hot and fast method you have got to try!

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Hey guys Chef Jason erase Hardware Grilling expert today I'm going to show You how to make very simple delicious And easy hot and fast f pork on your Weber kettle but I have a Twist so Before uh we get into that let's uh dive In and talk a little bit about Ingredients share my secret twist then We'll get the grill fired up let's get Cooking let's talk a little bit about Today's ingredients because they're Simple they're easy but we are going to Have some amazing flavor we're starting Off with 3 lbs of the pork shoulder Boneless country style ribs beautiful Look at those well marbled lots of fat That is going to make us happy we have a Cup of cola so pick your favorite Cola It's going to give us some moisture and Then hey we have a brand new line of Ace Exclusive rubs and today we're going to Be featuring two of those we've got the Uh that's Poppin rub and our cammo hot And spicy barbecue sauce so those two Together are going to make an absolutely Epic pulled pork let's head out and get The grill fired up get back in here do a Little bit of prep now one my favorite Ways to start charcoal on my Kettle is Using a chimney so we made sure the Kettle was all nice and clean and all The ash was gone now we're going to go Ahead and fill the uh chimney up with Our charcoal briquettes and like I

Always say the amount of briquettes you Add will determine kind of how much uh Cook time you need so we'll go ahead and Add the briquettes get those all set now We're going to show you how we add my Fire starter Cube and get this up and Running we added one of our lighter Cubes into the kettle I made sure I put It in a spot where it would stay Supported nicely we'll go ahead and Start it and now we will add our chimney To get things up and running while the Grill's heating up time to do a little Prep now I have the pork already set I'm Going to add a little bit of oil I just Need a little bit of a binder so what I'm going to do is kind of get that all Over the place here and roll that around I'm using some parchment paper to help Keep my kitchen counter a little cleaner Right and we'll get all that set and Ready to go now I took the cap off the Rub today because I'm getting in there And I want to get some of that beautiful V popping Savory rub on there so we're Going to go ahead and get this all Seasoned up and ready to go you know What we always say too you season as Light or as heavy as you want I love This rub it gives a great like Savory Finish it's going to be perfect with That sweet heat from the cammo barbecue Sauce as well so we'll get these guys All seasoned up we uh I think we're good

To go right we're set so let's let these Guys sit now while the uh Grill gets up To Temp well here we are right at 20 Minutes you can see the Flames ripping Off the top of that chimney so carefully We're going to go ahead now and pour That in now that we have the charcoal Poured what I'm going to do is using a Pair of tongs I'm going to move these Bricketts over to this side creating Kind of a a direct side if you will and An indirect side so a little bit of that Dual zone now we'll go ahead and put on Our cooking grate and then we'll go Ahead and close the top and we're going To adjust the uh dampener now and get Into that 400° first thing we're going To do is get these country style ribs on Here start getting a little bit of char Now we're going to be actively cooking So we're going to leave the lid open While we rotate these from side to side Cuz we want to get some Char all on here To really get that charcoal flavor Started and get this pork on its way Let's go ahead and give these guys a Flip look at that we're starting to get Some Char and some sear that is perfect Now we'll keep doing that and till all Sides are done and ready to go we've got Our sear on all sides let's go ahead and Pull these guys off we're going to head Back in the kitchen but before we go We're going to close the lid again and

Uh keep that temperature dialed in right At 400° we are back in the kitchen it is Time now to uh add our pork into the uh Foil pouches we're going to make so I'm Going to take two of the pieces of pork And then what I'm going to do is Boom Cammo I'm going to hit some of that Sauce over the top just enough to add Some sweet heat to it not so much yet Don't worry we'll finish a little bit More later I'm going to hit it off with A little top of the uh Savory rub that's Right that's popping for sure and then I'm going to add about a half of cup of Cola in here just like so and now I'm Basically going to make a pouch so I'm Going to fold this up careful not to Spill all my uh soda out and we'll fold That pouch in like so but I have a Double layer because I like a double Layer then we'll fold this guy up like That tell you what I can't wrap Christmas presents to save my life but That pouch is done now this is ready to Put back on the grill but first we have To finish round number two okay we have Pouch number one added we will go ahead And add pouch number two we are cooking Indirect now we've got the hot side here The indirect side there we are going to Cover the uh Weber kettle and we will Not even come and check on this for an Hour so we'll cover it up we'll see you In an hour okay here we are right at the

1 hour mark let's take a little sneak Peek see where we're at is it uh time to Shred or do we need a little bit longer Looks like we need a little bit longer So we'll wrap it back up we're going to Go for another half hour at 400° we'll Come back and check it then hour and a Half check in not quite there we're Going to go ahead and let it go now for Another half hours well here we are Right after 2 hours and 15 minutes look At that it is falling apart shredding Nicely so I'm going to go ahead and Cover this now we're going to let it Rest in the kitchen for about 10 minutes Before we uh give it its final shred so We'll go ahead and get our pork added Into the pan and we'll save those juices But look at this talk about quick and Easy that shreds up super super nice to Make some simple delicious fast that's Right hot and fast pulled pork then After we get it shredded we finished it Off with a little bit of that cammo Right like that look at that check this Out so good so delicious easy fast tasty Bold pork well there you have it kmo in A short amount of time 2 hours and 15 Minutes we have some amazing hot and Fast pulled pork super super awesome now The question is am I making pulled pork Sandwiches or am I making Taco Tuesday Ah either way it doesn't matter now stay Tuned because coming up I've got an

Amazing pork chop video on your Weber Kettle to help get you uh kettling a Little bit more yeah I think I'll eat This piece right Here

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