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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, show you the features and benefits of Model #3009-20 the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 155 mph 650 CFM Electric Backpack Blower Tool.

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 155 mph 650 CFM Electric Backpack Blower

Hi Luman forini Asus home expert in this Video I'm going to talk to you about the Milwaukee M18 fuel Backpack Blower now This is a new piece of technology from Milwaukee and the idea behind it is it Utilizes their M18 fuel batteries like This it can take up to four batteries on The back of this unit it's comfortable And with that four battery Configuration you have run times on high Of about 30 minutes you'll go longer at Lower speeds of course but you can blow Air at 155 mil per hour and get there Within 1 second and I know that many of You uh realize that a lot of Municipalities are saying that you can't Use gas- powerered blowers these Backpack blowers in particular for Professional landscapers or if you have A larger piece of property are a big no No this has that deciel rating of 62 DB So it's qu it yet powerful so if you're Looking for the versatility with no gas No oil to worry about and low sound this Is one to consider coming up next Another great tool from Milwaukee

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