Man Builds Amazing DIY Container Workshop | Start to Finish by @BendheimBoards

Tanner Benheim’s journey is a testament to the beauty of combining passion with craftsmanship. As an ardent surfer, Tanner’s life has always been intertwined with the ocean’s rhythms, the thrill of riding waves, and the artistry behind the perfect surfboard. His recent project of transforming a shipping container into a surfboard shaping bay beautifully encapsulates his love for surfing, his skills in hands-on building, and his creative spirit.

Driven by this passion, Tanner envisioned a dedicated space where he could channel his love for surfing into creating custom surfboards. The solution came in the form of a shipping container – an economical, durable, and versatile option. Purchasing a one-trip container for $4,900, Tanner saw beyond the cold steel walls and imagined a vibrant workshop where dreams would take shape.

Are you willing to surf this big waves with him?


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