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Ladders and Certification – Don’t Buy a Dangerous Ladder

Ladder safety is often a primary concern for many tradesmen and businesses. And it’s no wonder, accidents are responsible for hundreds of injuries each year which can lead to all sorts of absence and compensation claims.

Silent Air Compressors – For Office Use

While everyone generally agrees that pneumatic (air driven) energy is cost efficient and generates much less waste than many alternatives, at the same time they are not particularly known for being very quiet. Indeed, anyone that has ever visited their local mechanic’s shop knows that pneumatic tools – and the air compressors that run them – are usually very loud.

The Many Uses of Tarps at Home and For Camping

Canvas and poly tarps are used for many things. Here are some ways these tarps can help you at home, camping, fishing or whatever.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Anaerobic Adhesives

A very common idea, with unfortunate consequences, is to combine an anaerobic adhesive with the mechanical method that the adhesive is meant to replace. For example, using a pre-formed gasket (such as a cork, paper or rubber gasket) with an anaerobic gasket making adhesive will not create an effective seal.

One Component Or Two?

When designing a manufacturing process with adhesives in mind, one of the first questions that arises is “Will the adhesive be one component or two?” (I.e. will it just be one liquid, or will there need to be two that are some how mixed together?). Often it is assumed that one component processes are more efficient and easier to control.

How to Buy the Right Table Saw For Home Improvement Projects

One of the tools you should probably have on hand for most major home improvement jobs is a table saw. It is very useful and will definitely be used over and over again.

The Woodworker Starting Kit

So you would like to make woodworking a hobby? Learn about the basic tools and equipment you will need for a good start.

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Chainsaws can be very useful for clearing large limbs or dead trees. They are powerful handtools that can cause a great deal of damage if they are not treated with respect, however.

Considerations For Choosing the Right Chainsaw

When purchasing a chainsaw, consider the different features available and which ones will best suit the environment for which the equipment will be used. Determine if it will be an occasional bout with fallen trees, once a year at Christmas or a regular occurrence every time a blizzard or hurricane rolls through the area. Decide if it will be for personal or commercial use or both.

Different Types of Chain Saws

The chain saw that you use to trim in the garden, cut logs in the forest and cut branches in the trees are not all one! Today a large variety of chain saws are available in the market. Which one you want depends upon your particular application. Hence before buying any kind of chain saw it is necessary to know all the different types available in the market and the brands as well.

Pros and Cons of Using Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers have become more popular in households as they seem to save some time during gardening and fall seasons. There are many types of leaf blowers.

The Pros and Cons of Diesel Generators

Because of its power, portability, versatility, and dependability, diesel generators are some of the most common types of generators people use. Usually, diesel generators employ a water cooling system and run at around 1800 RPM. This type of system allows the generator to work very hard and at much longer lengths of time than their gasoline generator counterparts…

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