How To Remove A Headless Nail – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, show you how to remove a headless nail.

Hi Luman forini Aces Home expert in this Video we're going to show you how to Remove a nail that's lost its Head so in a perfect world when it comes To removing Nails there's a head on There and you can use a claw hammer like This to pull the nail out but sometimes The head pops off or the head just gets Lost off of there as you're trying to do It now what do you do well you're going To use a pair of needlenose pliers that Have a cutter on there or even just a Pair of Cutters simply which you want to Do is kind of dig out a little of the Wood around the head of the nail so that You can either use the tip of the Needlenose pliers or preferably the Cutters to grab onto that nail and Squeeze and then use the prying action Of the tool to pull that nail up now you May have to pull up a little bit and Then reposition pull up a little bit More it may damage some of the wood but You'll get the nail out coming up next My video on how to choose a nail gun Nah [Music]

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