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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to choose the right angle grinder for your next project.

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Hi it's Luman forini Asus home expert And in this video we're going to show You how to choose the right angle Grinder for the project you're working On when it comes to angle grinders There's a few considerations to take Into account first whether you want a Corded angle grinder or a cordless now The fact is the cordless angle grinders Have a lot of power and the portability Is really convenient just like any Cordless tool you pop the battery in you Can take it just about anywhere you Don't have to worry about a cord now if You're doing a lot of production meaning That you're you know working in a Factory or something like that then a Corded angle grinder probably makes more Sense because you'll have uninterrupted Power in particular if you don't care About having an extension cord plugged Into it the next consideration is the Size of the angle grinder most popular Are 4 1/2 in meaning that the wheel that You would use and there's a bunch of Different cutting wheels and grinding Wheels you can use on angle grinders is 4 1/2 in in diameter they go all the way Up to about 9 even 10 in but the grinder Has to be capable of holding that big of A wheel so when you're buying it you'll See it'll give you the dimension of the Wheel and that's the largest wheel you Can put on it but then you can choose

Whether you want to use it for grinding Metal or grinding masonry or cutting all Different kinds of blades can go into to An angle grinder coming up next my video On three ways to use an angle grinder [Music]

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