DEWALT FlexVolt 60V Max 20-Inch Chainsaw 5Ah Kit Review DCCS677Z1

Cordless Tool Batteries – Tips to Make Them Last Longer

Nothing is more frustrating than preparing to use your favorite cordless tool only to find out that the battery is dead or to take cordless tool batteries from the charger and find that they have gone “dead” prematurely. Thanks to the new generation of batteries for cordless tools, more and more people are enjoying them and getting more use without the hassle and expense of replacing old-style batteries that aren’t efficient.

A Grill Cover – A Must For Any Grill Owner

Outdoor grills usually have a grill cover which resembles that of a pot or skillet. They are used as protection from the elements such as weather conditions, bugs, and animals.

Battery Powered Edger – A Must Have Tool

A cordless battery powered edger is a nice tool to have in your collection of yard tools. Its ease in handling and light weight make using this tool easy enough for any one to use.

Why You Need the Perfect Pocket Knife

If you are not in the military or law enforcement, and are not an avid outdoors-person, you may have never considered getting a pocket knife. But having one on hand makes sense, even if you’re not in law enforcement or the military; even if you don’t hunt or fish.

Makita Thickness Planer 2012NB Review

Are you looking to use a thickness planer in your home shop or on the job site? Here is a down and dirty review of the portable Makita Thickness Planer 2012NB.

Maglite LED Flashlight – The Truth Revealed About the Maglite LED

The Maglite LED Flashlight is an upgrade from the older maglites that still used halogen bulbs. Is this really an improvement on an already solid design? The truth may surprise you.

Hitachi Cordless Drill

Hitachi has made itself known in the world. It is one of the largest and longest established electronics manufacturers around the globe. One main good quality about this company is their very strict standards when it comes to their product’s quality. This company makes impact drivers more versatile by offering a regular drill chuck that slips into their standard impact driver tools.

Why You Should Use a UV LED Flashlight

A UV LED flashlight is the best type of flashlight on the market and is considered to be the top technology when it comes to using light in dark places. You can get these type of flashlights that you use by holding them in your hands, or those that can be mounted in areas where you are working so that you can have light in the dark.

Top Uses For an LED Flashlight

An LED flashlight will not only give you a more clear light, but it will also last longer than a standard flashlight. You have most likely noticed LED lights as they are being used as car headlights as well as in overhead lighting in streets.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a very powerful tool. If you have purchased a chainsaw or looking to make a purchase it’s always wise to consider some of the very important aspects of owning a chainsaw. First off if you don’t have a chainsaw the first thing to think about is the weight that some of these saws can weigh. I suggest when you’re in the market for a saw is to go to your local home improvement dealer and check out what they have to offer. You will able to pick them up and see actually what they weigh. The next thing to consider is the length of the cutting bar that is on the saw you’re looking at. Some models come out with the minimum cutting bar for the saw. All dealers will have larger cutting bars to fit the saws.

Best Portable Oscillating Power Tool For All Carpentry Jobs

Multi-tasking is fast becoming a trend in almost all elements of life. In the office or at home, people try to finish more than one job at a time, even requiring their tools to be as fast-moving, convenient, and multi-purpose as they are. The same holds true in carpentry. Whether it is carpentry as a hobby or as a job itself, the tools which can get the job done in half the time is considered the best partner. For this reason, Rockwell, a popular brand in craft tool manufacturing, developed Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter, an oscillating tool that comes with 72 attachments, sure to answer all carpentry needs.

Choosing the Right Mitre Saw

When working on home projects and renovations, mitre saws are commonly used. Before buying the mitre saw to meet your needs, you need to decide whether you need a compound or basic.

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