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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, gives you the full rundown on an air compressor. Learn the features and benefits of this power tool.

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Craftsman Air Compressor

Hi I'm Lou manfredini Aces Home expert And in this video we're going to show You how to use an air compressor All right there's a bunch of different Air compressors out there and the one in Front of us is a pancake oil-less air Compressor by Craftsman now this one in Particular can do a lot of different Things up to 150 pounds of pressure it Has a gauge that tells you how much Pressure the tank is holding as well as A regulator for the amount of pressure That's going to come out of the Compressor now this is important Depending on what tools you're going to Connect essentially what you do is you Plug it in and there's two connectors to Allow you to plug in different air hoses That come in different lengths different Sizes you can run a bunch of different Tools off of a compressor like this a Nail gun an impact driver you can use it To fill up the tires in your car it's Really quite versatile of a tool and With this style what they call a six Gallon tank it's pretty lightweight some Larger compressors require oil and a lot Of Maintenance these just run and run And run so essentially when you plug it In And then it will turn on and once it Reaches the pressure that you've set it At it shuts off and it stores the air in The tank as you use it that air that's

Compressed inside the tank will come in Through the hose through the whatever Tool you're using and this unit will Kick on and off it's fairly quiet but in A closed area it can be pretty loud and As I mentioned a compressor like this You can use a bunch of different tools On and for projects around your home or Light DIY projects that require Pneumatic tools a compressor like this Will do the trick coming up next my Video on how to use an impact driver All right Foreign [Applause]

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