20 NEW MAKITA XGT Tools and Makita Patents

A heap of new Makita Tools in this one.

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Good day guys and girls and welcome back To another video where I'm going to show You upcoming and new Makita tools if you Haven't seen this already this is the B001 CG why is it got a C in the title Well to find out have a look up in the Top Corner uh nice little Sanders also Down in the description I'll put the Link as well if you want to see the Review of that of I've already done it a Couple of weeks ago so something else New also the router the RP 001g nice unit also I have done a video For that up in the top Corner down in The description check those out if you Want to see that and while you're down There clicking on that link why not hit The old Thumbs Up Button that'll help me Make more of these videos for you guys Uh also done a few videos lately about Batteries got a few more coming up as Well but let's get into what is new so I'm going to rattle through i' got a Heap of them so I'm going to try and do Them a bit quicker than usual because There's a lot of new stuff that's just Been released and then after that we'll Have a look at some patents and see what Is coming up first up here on the screen We have four new hedge trimmers on the 40 volt xgt system the uh1 16g 17g 18g And 1 19g that's what they will be Called in most of the world in Japan They'll have an m at the beginning if

You're in the US you'll Chuck the g at The front and switch the U and the H Around and change the number but I don't Know what those numbers are yet but the 16 is 300 mm or 12 in the 17 350 or 14 In the 18 400 or 16 in and the 19 460 mm Or 18 in sticking with hedge trimmers There's also a pole hedge trimmer that Is the UN n 001g it is a 23c equivalent It is 600 mm blade on that one or 24 in You can turn the head between A range of 115° you can fold it back on itth 180° For storing it or traveling around with The damn thing three speeds 1,500 and 2,000 Strokes per minute and you can cut Up to 20 mm or around 3/4 of an inch and They're all ipx 4 rated and the pole Hedge trimmer now comes with grease Nipples which is much better than having To undo a little plug then losing your Plug and having a jam grease in with Your finger you can now do it with a Grease gun which is a nice Improvement To this particular type of tool so there Are a couple of blowers the UB 00 3G and The UB 00 4G one is a handheld blower The other more of a backpack style Although they're both kind of backpack Because both of them only run with the Backpack battery with the connect X System plug them into the backpack Batteries the PDC 1200 or PDC 1500 and They're basically just upgrades of the

Previous models to give you a bit more Blow sticking outside how about a couple Of Concrete Cutters we've had two Already two 80 volt ones the C 001g and The C2g well now we've got the 3 and the 4G As well but they're not 80 volt ones These are smaller versions they're 40 Volt we have a 230 mm or 9 in and a 305 Mm or 12 in just taking the one battery Makes them a lot lighter these are much More user friendly easier to use 6 kgs Basically for these ones versus 12 kgs For the big one and that's without the Batteries check the batteries on you're Looking at a heat more you're looking at Around the 16 kg Mark for the C 001g and C2g so these are considerably lighter And you get pretty good cut depth still Though the 305 mm 121 mm depth of cut The original two the 80 volt ones only 127 it's only 6 mm4 of an inch Difference for the extra weight and size And everything plus the fact that you Can just swap out One battery instead of Having to have two batteries ready to go Makes the C4g a very cool size in my opinion the 230 mm or 9in version will get you 88 mm Of cut and maker are saying that it's 45% more powerful than the previous 36v Or 18 Vol x 2 version the 9 in has an RPM of 6600 and the 12 12 in 5,000 RPM next up

One that'll probably be Japan only it is The st00 3G personally I think this is a Really ugly looking nailer or stapler Should I say it's a floor stapler for Putting in laminate flooring and things Like that uh it's a 4 mm Crown stapler Basically not a size that I'm familiar With not a size we use here not a size I Think that you use in NZ UK usz Au any Other abbreviations you want to check in There that don't use it I don't know but Yeah I think this will be basically a Japan only release and it is a flywheel Design oh argue about that down in the Comments and while we're on nail oh now I'll wait in the patent section coming Up there is a nailer and it's a coil Nailer next up something you may have Already seen on a short here on YouTube Or over on Instagram the tww z9g and tww 01g they are a pair of impact wrenches 1 In drive impact wrenches a short one and A long one now these things look to be a Beast of a tool 3150 new M that's a big number 3,150 Newton M of tightening torque there is One website that's saying it's 4,000 Newton meters of loosening torque but The best Milwaukee I think we're looking At for 1 inch is 2500 to 2600 newon met So this is considerably more you're Looking at around 600 newon met more and That one loosens at 2700 newm roughly so These Makita units are right up there

With the power that's for sure but we'll Have to wait and see till the official Sort of release they've been announced a While ago but I haven't actually seen One yet in the flesh hopefully we'll be Able to get a closer look at those soon Right now moving on to patents back to The nailers again so a 40 volt coil Nailer so as you can see from the Picture here coil nailer with a flywheel Design as well when I saw that done a Gas cylinder or air cylinder type design For the framing nailer I thought that That's what they would be going with With the new nailers from now on but That seems to be the odd one out at the Moment because this coil nailer looks to Be a flywheel nailer now it also doesn't Have a huge capacity for nails like it's Not a framing nailer you can't fire 90 Mm 3 and 1/2 in nail with this thing I Think it's only a 50 mil nailer I know There's a bit of Interest around to see If Mako will do at least a 75 M version Of this so it will be interesting to see How far away these are I think it's Going to be a while boys so don't get Your hopes up yet but it is great to see That they're putting a bit of research Into coil nailers because does anybody Make a battery coil nailer let me know Down in the comments if you know of one Next up one that I've shown paints of Before and they've been kicking around

For a few years now so long in fact that They started with 18vt versions they Certainly had 18V batteries on the Original payon I saw this but now the Newer ones have bumped up to a 40 volt Battery and I'm pretty certain with the Power required to make a decent belt Sander this will be a 40 volt only tool Because why would you make it 18 when You've got the capability of doing 40 so Hi kokei have only released a836 Vol Version and this will be something Similar to that I can't see Makita going Backwards and making an 18vt version Because 18volt belt Sanders are right on The brink of having enough power you Know they're not great whereas the 36volt high kokei is like much better Than the Milwaukee and AEG Ryobi all the 18vt versions I can't see Makita going Backwards like that when they can just Stick with a 36 volt and have Reliability that the sustained torque Running cooler less chance of burning Out that sort of thing so all of you Want an 18 volt version I can't see it Happening personally as you can see from The patents it has AWS and it has a good Safety trigger in that it's built into The handle so as soon as you pick that Up you're going to release the safety Basically so you're just going to have To pull the trigger and it looks like It's got a trigger lock so if we get a

Couple of them we can race them next up A radio torch Lantern style thingy Makita do like making a lot of radio Lantern torch type things and this one's Sort of based on a design that's been Around a very long time that they used To do with 10.8 Vol and 12V batteries And personally I find it a little bit Odd uh I would have thought that they Had enough of these at the moment but Here we go again so it'll be basically The same tool 18 volt and 40 volt Battery systems but the tools will be The same presumably and yeah torch Possibly by the looks with a lantern Sort of version on the end of the torch So that it's not pointing straight ahead And a radio maybe Bluetooth presumably As well everything's got Bluetooth these Days doesn't interest me that much that One but the next one is something that Does interest me even though it's Something very simple and that is just a Vac attachment for the little dust Blower the good old A1g the 40 volt I can't remember the Number off the top of my head for the 18vt one but this is something so that You can hook it on the back cuz as you Know it sucks ear and the back blows ear Out the front and I have used it to suck Up small particles for but then they all Get stuck in the filter in the back of The thing which is not ideal and if you

Didn't have the filter thing there then It's blowing dust and dirt straight into The inside of your your unit and then Firing it out the front Which is far From ideal so something that could have A small little canister so that you Could collect dust so you can finally Vacuum say you know a keyboard or dust Around you know the inside of a battery I don't know anything we just want to Suck up a small little bit of fine dust You don't want to blow it everywhere That's something I would buy day one if It comes out cuz I was needing to do it The other day and I thought I should Make up something for this and then I Saw this patent so I thought oh maybe I Won't have to make one maybe mck are Going to do it for me next up one that Looks like a 40 volt rotary hammer tool But I think it's actually just going to Be a chipping tool or a scraper of some Sort because it's labeled as a Reciprocating tool so I don't think it's Going to have a drilling function on it And in instead of a dial an analog dial For the speed settings it looks like It's got a digital sort of buttons and Lights sort of looking a fear which is Good cuz dust can't get in there as easy As it can around a dial a dial can get Concrete and stuff jammed in it with um Rotary hammer drills and chippers and Demo Hammers and stuff because there's a

Lot of dust about uh so they can jam up But then again buttons wear out so not That you're probably adjusting the speed That often to wear it out too quick but Time will tell which is the best version Of that as you can see they've tweaked The design in other ways as well you can See that it's on a bit of an angle there On the base so it'll be interesting to See if this comes out and what it Actually really sort of turns out to be Three to go next up a flathead angle Grinder that's right 40 volt Flathead Angle grinder something people have been Asking about haven't got any details on A Philip weld grinder yet but we're Getting closer if they're working on a Flathead one will of course give you Some more details when I know them Lifting hand truck this thing looks Interesting I'm just worried about the Stability of it not something I would Ever use but well I would if I had one But I'm not going to go out and get one Just for the small amount of times I Would need it but it would be quite Handy to have something like this yet I Just worried about the stability of it If you lift something too heavy and the Thing wants to topple forward or Anything but presumably they're working On all of that and they will sort that Out before they ever release this thing That will of course be a 40 volt xgt

Tool as well before we get to our final Patent a few quickfire ones that have Just come to hand we've got a blower Here looks like a Slimmer design and by The looks of the battery maybe a 14.4 Volt version we've got a pipe expander a Battery holding Mac Pack and a brad Nailer now the brad nailer seems Interesting one thing I like about the Patent of this brad nailer over the Patent of the coil nailer and the Recently released stapler that you saw Earlier in the video They were flywheel designs this Brad Nailor looks like the gas cylinder style Which in my opinion is preferable and When you read the contents of this Particular patent it sounds interesting I'm not sure which way they're going to Go with this but they talk about having A magazine that can be expanded in width So you can put differen size nails in it Now not sure if that just means it's Easy for them to pump out different Models cuz they basically use the same Base unit and just stick a different Striker head in it and a different Magazine or whether you will be able to Adjust the magazine so that you can for Instance fire 18 gauge and 16 gauge Nails out of the same nailer or 18 gauge Nails and 18 gauge Staples out of the Same nailer not sure but at least there Is a new design for a brad nailer looks

Much Slimmer and nicer than the previous Lxt version in the image We've got an lxt battery on it but who's To say whether it'll come out as lxt or Xgt or hopefully and presumably Eventually both right last but not least One more patent and what is it it's a Table saw wow hang on let me just Clarify that it's a table for a Saw this is a patent for a tracka saw Table basically so maybe this is as Close as you'll ever get to Makita xgt Table so you can set up this table and Use it with your tracks saw on Xgt and basically you know that's all You need these days anyway Daniel who Uses table saws anymore right we all Just use track saws for Stuff how many of you are fuming and Typing away furiously in the comments Right now sorry guys I don't have any Table saw updates I haven't seen any Tables or patents or anything like that Coming I haven't got any info from Anybody that they're coming if they are Coming they're well hidden at the moment Okay I know Makita are looking into it But hey I don't think it's going to Happen anytime soon certainly not going To get a table saw this year okay guys But the other one you keep asking about The multi-tool that one shouldn't be too Far away and I do have some information About an

Xgt with a blade but I think I'm going To have to keep that one under wraps for Just a little bit longer until I can get Some images or some you know a little Bit more detail to show you I know that They've tested them because I have seen The vibration statistics for it and the Model number will be That and that will be an awesome bit of Kit I'm not sure if it's going to be 40 Volt or 80 volt but that'll be amazing And I super looking forward to reviewing That when it does come out so I Shouldn't have left that update so long Because there was a lot to get through There and that means I don't have enough Time to sort of go into detail of Everyone but as you can see a lot of Things have come out and a lot of things Still coming and yes framing nailer Still on track to be out by the end of The year 18 Vol if you haven't already Seen it if you want to see videos like This before everybody else gets to see Them like these guys here do then check Out patreon down in the description and I'll put a link up here and at the end Of the video if you click on that and Subscribe to that then you will get the Videos sometimes a couple of weeks Earlier sometimes only a few days Earlier but you'll get them without Adverts as well and you'll help make These videos and a extra special thank

You to these people here for their Support without them these videos would Be much harder to get out and I wouldn't Be able to do them as often so that's Another Makita update I'll see you next Month for another one if you like Makita Stuff don't forget to subscribe and I'll See you all again on the next Makita Video which will probably be about 1 Week from now thanks guys see you later La

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